Coon 000050 771528 736704 2996

Quetzalcoatl's Declination

Robert Coon // Vero Beach, FL

Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec god, appears as a feathered serpent in Mesoamerican mythology. He was at odds with another deity, the sun god. Quetzalcoatl traveled to the sun, and they battled. After Quetzalcoatl defeated the sun, he became the sun god.

Fabricated and painted sheet aluminum

Walker 000233 793013 558450 2996

Synaptic Sinew Sequi V

Bilhenry Walker // Milwaukee, WI

Thirteen fabricated struts, mitered, welded and bolted at the adjoining ends, create a sculptural line drawing in space. It is rooted in the ground and extends to infinity with the illusion of a solid muscular presence, flexing into space with controlled energy.

Fabricated aluminum, Steel Base, Powder Coating



Charlie Brouwer // Willis, VA

Constructed from durable locust wood-like us all, part of our own invention and part nature. A younger child looks up at the older one, and the older one looks off into the distance. Young families are the epitome of hope.

Locust Wood, Deck Screws, Stain
SOLD, on display at Wildlife Prairie Park

Barrett 000010 802984 933591 2996


Alex Barrett // Santa Fe, NM

Modern and timeless forms of industry and emotion are juxtaposed with modern ideas of graffiti, abstract expressionism and comic figures to tell a story of old versus new, nature versus man, and struggle versus triumph. As the heated metal is infused with air it struggles and contorts, akin to Man’s internal struggle with the external world.

Fabricated/Inflated Aluminum

Sailer 000207 787435 908812 2996

Nature's Quintet

Stephanie Sailer // Swisher, IA

Based on the Columbine flower, enlarged metal tendrils create a simplistic, other-worldly beauty as the entangled, arching forms appear to flutter and sway in the breeze. Their harmonious relationship mirrors the delicate movements of dance and music flowing in tandem. Dancing on the wind, they sing.

Painted Steel

Riefe 000201 800228 929459 2996

Towards Tomorrow

Tommy Riefe // St. Louis, MO

The sculpture offers an aesthetic dialog in response to concepts in physics and mathematics that deal with relationships of space, time, motion, weightlessness, and sound energy. The compression of space and the phenomenon of astronomical wormholes inspire the sculpture’s form.


Johnson Praire Walker 001

Prairie Walker

James Johnson // Charleston, IL

This monumental work represents the illusion of man-made structures as they appear to move against the horizon in the heat of the Southwest summer. The artist intends to make us pause and reflect on our surroundings.

SOLD, on display at Illinois Central College- North Campus

Dyrhaug 000071 802034 661742 2996

Rolling Keel

Kurt Dyrhaug // Beaumont, TX

The shapes and functions of ship keels and buoys are reinterpreted and rescaled into a puzzling yet familiar new form. The artist suggests it is an anchored float serving as a navigation mark to reveal hazards in the landscape.

Cedar, Cast Iron, Steel

Bellaver Quarks VII.2016

Quarks VII

Guy J. Bellaver // Saint Charles, IL

An interpretation of High Energy Physics and the collision of subatomic particles comprise the Quarks series. Yellow mass explodes, creating black disintegrating arcs as the mass leaves one area and explodes into another. The interactive energy of positive to negative space studied at Fermilab inspires the artist.

Welded Steel, Fiberglass, Paint

Newman 000174 802622 909732 2996

Folding Forms

Christopher Newman // Chicago, IL

Separate forms collide, twist, and slide to keep themselves off the ground. This shows how each form’s collegiality makes it possible to succeed together. In the same way; buildings, nature, and people around the sculpture join in their own way to share their shapes and forms with each other.


Frost 000086 797751 923650 2996


Don Frost // Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

Creating beauty using non-recognizable shapes challenges the artist. This free form, playful structure depicts a sense of life, drama and movement through contrasting shapes and twists. Exquisite proportion, like that of the Fibonacci sequence found in nature, conveys harmony, balance, and natural beauty.

Composite of Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Urethane
SOLD, private collection

Whiting 000241 775087 223173 2996

Amazon with Divine Geometry

Russell Whiting // Breaux Bridge, LA

An Amazon woman, formed of solid steel carved with a torch, stands on her shield to represent tolerance over violence. The figure, with her arm posed in a divine rectangle, evokes the spirit of these fierce warriors.

Carved Steel

Garnant 000098 801000 930744 2996

Cohesive Narration

Kristin Garnant // Camanche, IA

Garnant works with the distinct quality of steel and textures to reveal a composition similar to the layering of fine, handmade paper. This sculpture reflects the artist’s skills in transforming metal and reinterpreting ideas previously explored through her background in design and book construction.

Stainless Steel

Beck 000016 791702 881300 2996


Nicole Beck // Chicago, IL

An interpretation of an emergent, cutting edge technology that uses the “spin” – or electromagnetization – of atomic nuclei to store and process information. Custom dichroic glass discs within the sculpture reflect one color and transmit another. Colors radically shift, dependent upon light conditions, the sun’s angle and the viewer’s position.

Stainless Steel, Custom Laminated Dichroic Glass Discs
Purchased by the City of Batavia, IL 2017

Rogers 000206 802335 932981 2996

Progressive Woman

Roy Rogers // Peoria, IL

This modern abstraction of a Victorian-era woman embodies the century-long female struggle for equal rights in our society. Their determination and optimism pioneered change in a male-dominated world. The opening through the head represents an understanding of the past and a vision of the future.

Stainless Steel

Vannerson 000231 792082 915151 2996

Borborygmid 7.1b

William Vannerson // Kansas City, MO

Borborygmus is the medical term for a rumbling digestive tract. This sculpture explores how essential, variable elements may form complex, visceral structures. The interesting resonance in the ambiguity between growth and erosion is explored in the forms of the sculpture.

Galvanized Steel