Mary Bristol  2578

Living Sculpture

Jason Verbeek // New Lenox, IL

Living Sculpture is a breathing, self-sufficient entity.  The fourteen-foot steel shell stands like a balancing seed pod surrounding and supporting a culture of sedum plants of varying species and colors, all hearty and succulent.

Mild and stainless steel with sedum

Mary Bristol  2416

Eternal Flame

Matt Matheney // Morton, IL

Eternal Flame reflects the artist’s discovery of his own artistic “flame.”  The sculptor has expanded from creating functional pieces in the monument industry to exploring geometric shapes and forms that he hand carves from granite. The hard stone takes on a soft, character-like appearance.

SOLD, on display at Morton Public Library

Jeanette Kosier 3760

Spanish Dancer

Jaci Willis // Peoria, IL

The flow of a flamenco dancer’s skirt inspired the creation of Spanish Dancer.  The dynamic curves of steel express the energy and strength of the dancer as she moves her skirt.

Stainless steel and slumped glass
SOLD, on display at Illinois Central College- North Campus

Jeanette Kosier 4302

Hard Right Turn: Sparrow

Robert Porreca // Columbus, OH

The antics of sparrows in the artist’s yard inspired the creation of Hard Right Turn: Sparrow.  The sparrow is navigating a turn that appears impossible to make. Movement, an important aspect of this sculpture, is the secondary theme of the piece.  If one moves behind the sculpture the bird becomes abstract and morphs into a sunburst or a flower.

Epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth

Eil Sansom 2869

Prairie Walker

James Johnson // Charleston, IL

Prairie Walker reflects James Johnson’s experiences as a runner and his early life in the Southwest and Western United States when he was taken by the illusion of man-made structures as they appeared to move against the horizon in the heat of summer.  His work intends to make us pause and reflect on our surroundings.

Cor-Ten steel
SOLD, on display at Illinois Central College- North Campus

John Amdall  0172

Fragmentary Composition

Kristin Garnant // Camanche, IA

Fragmentary Composition is a safe haven made of 11 gauge steel. The steel folds and moves inward in a protective gesture.  The inside space is open and yet sheltered from the world around it.


Jeanette Kosier  4368


Luke Achterberg // Lexington, KY

Poise explores physical and aesthetic balance, creating a visual smoothness or sleekness — what the artist calls Super Sleek.  The form of the sculpture reflects the first letter of its title. The artist uses his experience as a certified welder and custom automotive painter to create his large, flowing sculptures.

Painted steel
SOLD, private collection

John Amdall  9908

Solstice, Galactic Spiral

Mark Richey // Creve Coeur, IL

Solstice, Galactic Spiral attempts to draw in steel the underlying spiral energies in the Universe. It is three dimensional calligraphy that represents the cosmic, spiraling energies seen in the Milky Way Galaxy. As part of a series, it is an uplifting “sci-fi” aesthetic that stimulates our imagination about the underlying energies in the cosmos and humanity’s reach for the stars.

Forged and Fabricated Steel

Mary Bristol  2383


Fisher Stolz // Washington, IL

Phenomenon is a solid steel sphere surrounded by “lines” of steel. The sculpture represents a Cartesian description of consciousness:  physical and cognitive processes in the brain interacting with and responding to the tangible elements of our physical world.

The consciousness receives input from different sources and tries to make sense of what it receives however, impressions can be manipulated.  This sculpture intends to open conversations about physical presence, appearances and what is truly real.

 Stainless steel
SOLD, on display at Pekin Public Library

Mary Bristol  2631

Swans on the Marsh

Skip Willits // Camanche, IA

Swans on the Marsh is an abstract version of swans the artist observed while walking along a marsh.  The sculpture is made of three pod-like objects, each consisting of two sides.


Jeanette Kosier 4141

Daughter of the Moon

Robert Pulley // Columbus, IN

Made of hand built, hollow clay blocks assembled around a central armature, Daughter of the Moon is an abstraction of the human figure and the influences of geology, growth and decay, architecture, and the teeming forces of nature.

Stoneware clay

Jeanette Kosier 3620


Fedrico Aguirre // North LasVegas, NV

The artist is a healer and Shaman with a background in engineering. He uses the sacred cubit of Egypt and creates ancient symbols, spheres and twisted wire into art that radiates positive energy. Concentricity is the first in a series and is in the permanent collection of the City of Boulder, Nevada.
Powder coated steel tubing

Jeanette Kosier 4272

Foxglove & Fists

Nicole Beck // Chicago, Illinois

Foxglove and Fists is a mosaic column depicting the beautiful Foxglove plant. The large fists tightly wrap around the enticing plant like a snake. In truth the digitalis plant is highly toxic. The sculpture illustrates Man’s ancient fight with Nature ever since the Garden of Eden.

Mosaic and enamel paint on a steel frame with mortar and fiberglass

Jeanette Kosier 4278


Austin Glendenning // Asbury, IA

Moment is a narrative of the human perception of time as opposed to its real form.  Theories conflict about the nature of time: Does it move in a line with a beginning and end, or does it repeat in a downward spiral toward a predestined conclusion?

Moment accepts inspiration from both concepts, retaining the image of humanity as it is suspended within the inevitable certainty that time progresses regardless of the theory we use to explain it.

Steel and Bronze

John Amdall  8898

Don’t Forget Us

Nathan Pierce // Cape Girardeau, MO

Don’t Forget Us explores communication issues.  Like eroding fragments of a foreign communication device, appendages reach out to send or receive signals.  Are they from the future or the past?  How well do they serve their purpose?  Don’t Forget Us also illustrates our strong desire to be understood. The forms of these devices challenge us to examine the roles we play and the quality of our personal relationships.  The devices may be tangible evidence of how communication succeeds or fails in our own lives and the lives of others.

Epoxy painted structural steel